sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007


Wow its been a long time since I last wrote and a lot of things have happened, first of all I started working in the summer with some friends that was fun, then when summer was over I moved to spain to live with my uncle ( bad idea ), holly shit was that a mistake, this place suks.
I thought it was gonna be really cool and everything but boy was I wrong.
School has turned out to be unexpectedly hard and the city is not that nice, people here are kinda dumb and everyone smells bad because they dont use deodorant.
I miss my family a lot and I feel lonely.
The teachers at my new school are really bad.
I want to go home, I dont like this place at all.
And its starting to get cold.
jajaja I sound like a little whining bitch but trust me it suks