martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Music Monday Vol.2

I know I know "hey you retard its Tuesday!” so I forgot to do this yesterday, bite me! Anyway we’ll just pretend its Monday. This whole recommending songs thing is tricky because obviously there are thousands of great songs I could put here but most of them are very well known so what’s the point of recommending something everyone already knows? So the songs you’ll find here aren’t necessarily my favorite ones, just good ones you hopefully haven’t heard before. Today (more like the last week) I woke up in the mood to listen to The Cure so I decided to make “Friday I’m in love” this weeks song. It was the bands second single from their 1992 album “Wish” and reached number 18 on Billboards hot 100 list. In other news for those MGMT fans out there, their first video for their new album “Congratulations” witch hits stores April 4th is out and you can see it as well as listen to their whole album on their web page, here’s the link:( )if you listen to it be sure to tell me what you think. Until next time, stay cool.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

College tastes like beer

VACATIONS!!!! (it was about time) this week went by pretty fast. Didn’t go out much except for Tuesday at McCartys to play some rock band with Dani (Balero got his ass handed to him again) and then Thursday was a lot of fun, after a short history class with Falcon, Ely asked me if I wanted to go with her to Coquitos because she had to return a sweatshirt to someone so I went along with her. When we got there Neus was behind the bar and Pau was sitting at a table talking with Lau, we sat with them and started talked about animals and plans and stuff. After about and hour and 3 beers later we were helping them fold the new menus and they sort of taught me how to make a kick-ass piña colada. Later on some of their other girlfriends came in and sat with us and we just stayed there till around 6, everyone was gonna head over to Rock Pub at night so I invited Ely and a friend of hers to go eat something and take a nap at my place. The only food we had at home was tuna, eggs, fish fingers and potatoes, so we mixed it all up and ate it. We slept until it was like 8 and then we went to meet everyone at the bar. We drank a lot of beer and they gave us free shots of who knows what and Lau was kind enough to put on some Beatles tunes for me before the band (Coagulo) came on, they were ok, had a good set of classic rock but nothing special. After that we just kept on drinkin until the bar closed and since everyone works there we stayed inside helping them clean the place up and count the money and everything. I was very tired by then (my day started at 6am) but the girls wanted to go to a strip club (how on efin earth was I supposed to say no to that). In the end we didn’t go but Pau invited us over to her place so we made a pit stop at the oxxo to get some more bozze and chips. She lives in an apartment complex and they have this like wreck room with a TV some couches a ping-pong and a pool table. We stayed there until 6; I was falling asleep so Ely and I went back to my place to get some sleep. She left for school at around 7, no idea how she pulled that off, I couldn’t get up so I just kept sleeping until 11 and then came home to Cuerna with Balero. Those girls are really cool and I had a blast (such a shame 90% of them are gay) but oh well, it was fun. I don’t have any pictures cuz I didn’t feel like taking my camera with me so here’s one of Balero getting owned (by a girl, haha). Until next time, stay groovy people.

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

The Meat-osaurus Rex

Just got home and I’m relaxing in my room, don’t have any homework today woohoo and I’m done with all my exposition. Now I just have to wait for the week to end and it vacation time. Today I had to wear a suit and boy are those things uncomfortable (but I did look dam swell I must say hehe) specially driving back home with the sun at full blast and stuck in 2pm traffic, ahhh it’s horrible. I’m gonna spend my afternoon reading the Led Zeppelin book my sister got me for my birthday and then at six I have my yoga lessons. Here is a nice picture of the legendary Meat-osaurus Rex we found in our kitchen yesterday (and then we put some hair on it)

lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010

Music Monday Vol. 1

Alright kids you know what time it its, that’s right, its Music Monday brought to by the best dam radio station this side of the solar system. 00.0 RadioRul transmitting the very best of yesterday’s hits on our magical AM technicolor web of sound. Now today is a very special Music Monday not just because it’s the very first one haha but because today’s song is dedicated to a young girl that never seizes to amaze me, she has at one point or another been everything from my muse and primary source of inspiration to more recently my best friend and trusty sidekick. It’s a grueling task trying to pick only one song since half of my music library reminds me of some special moment spent in her company but out of all of them there is one that stands out and it just so happens to be by my all time favorite band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song is called Wet Sand and it belongs to the Jupiter side of the Peppers ninth studio (double) album (better referred to as an all-time music masterpiece) Stadium Arcaduim released on May 2006. This song includes one of my favorite John Frusciante solos were you can almost taste his passion for music. Hope you guys listen to it and enjoy it as much as I do.

sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Fun with P&N

Its Saturday afternoon and there is nothing to do (oh yeah there’s a ton of homework but not in the mood to do it right now) im sitting on my bed in Cuernavaca listening to the horrible noise one of the neighbors makes as she throws up (she has cancer and goes to quimiotherapy). Im alone because my parents went to Acapulco for the weekend (I should have stayed in Puebla) so ill just tell you about last Thursday, in the morning I went to school like always and then home to eat and do some homework, at around 5pm Balero came home with Sofia and we just hung out in the living room playing xbox and eating snacks. At 7 I went to my first yoga class and it was fun but very hard, I have 0 flexibility so I had a hard time with most of the positions they made us do. I went back home to eat something before going out and with everyone from college to McCartys pub but halfway through my meal I got a text from Neus inviting me to join her and Pau at the bar so I decided to go with them first. I got there and we had a good time then the Dj came and since Pau and Neus work there they knew him and introduced us, his name is Cesar and his music’s very good, Adrian would have loved being there. Cesar set up his gear and started mixing away; when we left he even gave me two of his sample cds and some stickers and stuff. We were gonna go to Cholula and meet up with Balero at McCartys but we got hungry and went to a drive thru taco place and ate in the car. After eating we went to Container City and found this awesome bar (don’t remember the name) that was packed with strange lookin people (not “im gonna rape you” strange, more like cool Tim Burton strange) and they had two Dj mixing incredibly well. After that I took Pau back to Rock Pub and went home.

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Irrelevant 1

John Fru it seems that once more I am in need of your wisdom please help me order my thoughts and find balance to achieve peace. –Keep your bad news until a day I am strong enough to hear it- today I have taken a small step foreword but remain very confused, may tomorrow be a clearer day. We will not give up, we have come too far.

sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Another Friday

Yesterday was my first Friday night in Puebla and I was kind of expecting it to be very crowded on the streets of Cholula but I had no real plan so I decided to go with Balero and some girls from our Photoshop class, we left at around 8 but we each went in our own car because I knew I was going to get tired of them pretty fast since we don’t have much in common. We were going to go to this bar called “La Cantinera” but since I didn’t wanna use my card I had to go to an atm machine and just my luck the only freakin atm close by wasn’t working so I had to drive for about 15 minutes to get to the next one which gave me enough time to text everyone that might have staid for the long weekend desperately wanting to go someplace else but everyone was out of town. The only person who answered my s.o.s. text was Pau who I had just met the week before. She was working and wasn’t gonna be free until 3 am so I had to go back to La Cantinera with Balero and the girls. I joined them and ordered a couple of beers while they were talking about something I don’t even remember. After the first bottle was empty they started playing some drinking game and I got bored so I gave Balero my part of the bill and took off, I walked around for a while searching for some place that might look fun but the whole street was generally dead (I had forgotten that everyone goes to their hometown on long weekends) so I went back to my car and decided to visit Pau at her work (which luckily is a bar in Puebla) when I got there I remembered Marini had told me she wanted to stay at least Friday night so I called her hoping she might be around somewhere but she was in Cuerna, she told me she had called me one day before to ask if I was gonna stay so she could have staid with me but I didn’t answer (never saw the call). To my surprise the place was full and Pau got me a stool at the bar and a cold beer, I was halfway through it when I spotted Neo sitting with another two girls in the corner so I picked up my stool and went to sit with them. We ended up having a nice time and before I knew it, it was 3 am and we were the only people left (Pau introduced us to the manager Charly and he came to drink with us and gave us free chocolate shots) I offered Pau a ride since she was coming to cholula to see Laura. I got home at around 4 and woke up at 10 to go to El callejon de los sapos where all the hippies get together to sell their bracelets and stuff it was ok. Today I think ill just stay home and rest maybe read a little.

miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Tuesday at McCarty’s Pub

Alright so yesterday I went to the gym after my last class and then I came home to eat and finish some homework; it was early like 5 or 6pm so Balero and I decided to go visit the twins and lya at their place (Bad idea). I hadn’t seen the twins since last Saturday at Memos house were Maria got major drunk and ended up puking in Rayas van, she was still very upset about breaking up with her boyfriend (no one knows how he put up with her so long) and she asked Balero to give her his opinion about the whole thing and it turned into a 2 hour long therapy session which I interrupted to suggest they continue it at a bar, surprisingly they said yeah so we called Dani who had been talking about this bar she loves for the last 2 weeks. We picked her up outside the main building at the central campus and made our way to the bar. Its called McCartys Pub and its kinda small but they have good music and a wide variety of international beer, after about an hour we (Dani, Balero and I, Lya and the twins had left by then) went on stage to play some rock band and after our song one of the waiters came over to ask us if we wanted to join the tournament and compete for a chance to win a Johnnie walker black label, we entered but lost to a group of 30+ year old guys called “The Nipples” (they had matching team shirts, sad I know). After that Balero epically failed trying to steal a Heineken add that was hanging in the men’s room by throwing it out the window (it got stuck on the roof) and I went over to another table to talk with a couple of girls from Washington. We got home at around 2 am and today I was falling asleep in history class but we had a good time and that’s what matters most. Now I’m gonna go out to eat with Marini and maybe Ely at Coquitos. Until next time.

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010


See I told you I would post more often now. ( yeah Mondays a slow day for me ) so I just finished watching Gigantic with Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano. It’s a slow movie about a guy and a girl in their 20s who meet for the first time and fall in love. Daschanel stays in her comfort zone and plays a soft-spoken eccentric rich girl while Dano interprets an equally soft-spoken shy dude who sells mattresses for a living and is determined on adopting a Chinese baby. They go out a couple times and then “happy” (Daschanel) freaks out when Brian (Dano) is accepted for the adoption, she bails on him only to come back at the end and smash a piñata of a dictador. Yup its one of those movies you go “wtf did I just watch” but not a complete waste of time (for a lazy Sunday), nice camera work and good music, ill give it a 7/10 rating. If you do like it you might also enjoy “Juno” or “Adventureland” and if you want to see more of Zooey I recommend her last two flicks “Yes” and “500 days of summer” both of them better than this one.

3 years later

Wow, its happened again I completely forgot about this blog of mine. Its ok I guess since as you might be able to tell by my last post I was going through some hard times. Let me try to sum it up in a few sentences: In the end I had the time of my life in Spain ( after the first 3 months which were hell ) I made a lot of great friends and I even had a sweet Romanian girlfriend named Maria who is still a good friend of mine. I made a friend who later became like a brother to me named Ferran and he even came last summer all the way to Mexico just to hang out with me a couple of weeks. After that wild year I went back to Cuernavaca to finish high school and now I’m living in Puebla with my roommate and I’m studying Advertising designe. Life is pretty good right now and there are a lot of interesting things up ahead. (Definitely will post more often now) here’s a pic of a poster I made last night for my friend Adrian.