lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Paul McCartney Mexico 2010 (Part 1)

Last Friday I woke up like every other day except for the fact that that night I was going to see a Beatle perform live (I don’t think I have to say more). Paul McCartney was visiting Mexico City for the first time in 17 years and I wasn’t gonna miss it, unfortunately the 50,000+ tickets available for his one night only sold out in less then 30 minutes and I couldn’t get my hands on one. Four days later however he decided to open up a second date on Friday, May 28, I ran home from school and was sitting in front of my computer with my credit card ready to purchase my tickets half and hour before they went on sale.

Since they were a bit more expensive then I had expected I called my dad and told him about the concert hoping he would want to go and pay for the tickets himself, he did. I ordered them to be delivered at home in Cuernavaca but oh boy was that a mistake, I placed two orders, one with two seat by seat tickets for my mom and dad and another order with my ticket witch was the same distance from the stage but on the other side of the stadium.

About two days after having placed the order I get this mail that said they weren’t gonna be able to deliver my tickets and that I had to go get them at a Ticketmaster center in y city. Alright no problem, I located a center near by and went with my dad to pick them up, it was fast and everything went well but they only gave us the first two tickets because the second order was still set to arrive at my doorstep. Two days later I receive another email this time about the second order telling me the same story and that I had to pick them up myself, fine. Its Sunday, one week before the concert, I go with my dad to pick up the third ticket. We get there and the lady at the desk tells us that the “system” still marks my ticket as “to be delivered” so she couldn’t print it out for us, I had to call customers service and ask what was going on, the guy at the other end of the phone tells me that I have to wait until tomorrow for them to be able to print it out for me because they have to retrieve the ticket from the “to be delivered” status and load it on the “Will call” system.

Alright but the problem was that my dad couldn’t come to pick them up on a week day and they make you show and ID and the credit card with which the sell was made so we told the lady that and she said it was ok, that I could pick them up tomorrow. I come back on Monday and she tells me that they still hadn’t changed the status of the order and if could please come back some other day, BULLSHIT! But what was I supposed to do? So I just left. Ok its fuckin Thursday by now and its about my fourth trip to the bloody Ticketmaster center but the best was still to come. I get there, be then the lady at the front desk already knew my face and starts typing away at her compute then looks at me then grabs the phone and asks about my order telling them she still cant print it, then she goes “ohhh oh ok yeah, are you sure? Alright thanks bye” looks up to me and says “they tell me that the order was delivered at your house on the 17th and that a Raul G. received the order” (this is when I go insane and from this point on I couldn’t communicate with them without yelling) this was impossible because I was in Puebla on the 17th and my dad was in Cancun so there was no way on earth a Raul G. could have received my tickets.

Ok is already way to long and I haven’t even gotten to the concert yet so ill finish it up quick. After getting in a fight with everyone at the Ticketmaster headquarters in Mexico City we found out that the DHL delivery boy had in fact delivered my ticket on the 17th BUT TO ME FUCKING NEIGHBOR!!!! In the end we got him fired from his job and I got my tickets (continues on part two)

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Eduardo dijo...

i dont know how did i get here but i just want to let you know that paul made three concerts in mexico city on november 2, 3 and 5 in 2002, i know because i was on one of them, but this concert on may 28 is better than the other one

Rul dijo...

oh cool, didnt know that. thanks for the info.