domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010


Hello people!! Ok I know its been a while since my last update but I was very busy with finals and projects and stuff like that so I didn’t go out much and had nothing to write about but now I am officially on summer vacations so ill be posting a lot more, yesterday I drove back to Cuerna and went to the movies, I saw “From Paris With Love”, its not that bad and John Travoltas character is cool. After the movie I went to “La Condesa” with Adroo, Memo, Maiky, Jutsy, Boobies and Alexini, we had a couple of drinks and then went to Maikys house and at like 1:00am we got hungry and went to the Circus tacos, I was amazed they didn’t kick us out because everyone was drunk and we started a food fight. Now im just relaxing at home fixing some of the pictures on my wall and talking with Ferrus. He had his first two rugby games this weekend, they lost but they played well and gave it all on the field. Here’s a picture of the team. Ferrus is the one on the bottom right corner.

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