viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Arctic Monkeys Mexico 2010

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and that’s because nothing interesting had happened until two days ago. My alarm clock went off at 4:30 like any other day except for the fact that it was finally April 21 2010, the day the Arctic Monkeys were gonna play at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. I had bought my tickets almost 2 months ago and the weekend before the concert I made a trip to Cuernavaca to ask Muff if shed like to go with me (she said yes  ). I went to school that day and at 4:00pm after my last class I asked Balero to give me a ride to the CAPU bus station in Puebla, I bought a ticket on the first bus to Mexico City witch was at 4:45 so I had enough time to eat a cemita before leaving. Once on the bus I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get there, the ride felt like it lasted forever and they played a movie called Waitress witch was kind of bad.

I arrived at Taxquña (the bus station in Mexico) at around 7pm, so there I was standing alone in the biggest city in the world with only my concert ticket in my right pocket. I went outside the bus station and took a cab to the stadium, the driver was a nice dude and we talked about how he once had to drive someone all the way to Veracruz and how he charged him 500dls. He dropped me of at the main entrance but it was closed so I followed a group of punks that seemed to know where they were going, we walked around to the other side of the stadium and there was a crowd of people standing in line and buying shirts in the parking lot.

I sat down on the sidewalk and called Muff to tell her I was there but she didn’t answer, 20 minutes later an awesome motorcycle roars into the parking lot and screeches to a halt in front of me, at first I didn’t recognize who it was because of the helmets but then the little person riding on the back jumps of and takes her helmet of waving her blond hair around while giving me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, Muff had arrived and I just wanted everyone there to turn around and stare so I could tell them she was there with me. She was wearing purple jeans and a yellow shirt with a VW bus print on it and what were once Converse sneakers but now she had painted them, she told me Irune had something to do with all that.

We went to get in line and talked for about half an hour before the let us, once we had crossed the gate and the metal detectors we ran for it and got a decent place around the middle, we stood there while the place filled up and soon we were all super crowded, the concert was supposed to begin at 10pm but it was almost midnight and there was no sign of them anywhere and the crowd was getting very pissed of (I later found out it was all due to horrible planning by Hache Producciones who were in charge of organizing the whole thing). Maybe you wont understand just by reading this but making a wild kid like Muff wait for 3+ hours standing up in the middle of 15000 people is NOT a good idea, after jamming a piece of gum into some poor rockers hair for no reason at all other then the bad luck of being in front of her (she did this twice), the barking, punching, and leaning on other people were the least of my worries. The only good thing of standing there for so long was when she told me we were standing on something and when we picked it up it turned out to be an Arctic Monkey’s shirt; yeah we stole it and decided to give it to Irune since she could come with us.

Finally at around 12:30 the Monkeys take the stage and the crowd goes fucking wild jumping and moving around like waves, I just held on to Muff to make sure she didn’t fall and tried to keep her from getting shoved by the people around us. They played songs from there new album which we didn’t know the lyrics to but whenever they played an old one we would sing along at the top of our lungs and jump around, at the end of every song Muff would scream so loud she left me deaf. The song list was (not in order): ‘Dance Little Liar´, `Brianstorm´, `My Propeller´, `Still Take You Home´, `I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor´, `Pretty Visitors´, `Cornerstone´, `When the Sun Goes Down´, `If You Were There, Beware´, `Do Me a Favour´, `Crying Lightning´, `This House is a Circus´, ´Fluorescent Adolescent´ and `505´.

In the end it felt like it lasted very little in comparison to the time they had us waiting but the lads played very good and the sound quality was ok. We went to get some water and bought some posters before I left her with her dad and then got on a cab to try to find Jutsy’s flat where I was going to spend the night. I had never been there before and even though I had the address that doesn’t help much in a city this big. After driving around for a while (and 150 pesos later) I honestly don’t know how the hell I did it but I managed to find his department building and made it all the way up to room 304 were Yannick opened the door to let me in.

The next day Jutsy woke me up because he had to leave for class so I walked around a bit trying to get a little closer to the bus station so the cab wouldn’t charge me that much (I was running low on cash). After that I took the 9:45am bus back to Puebla and miraculously still had enough money to get to my flat (ok I was 2 pesos short but the driver said it was ok).

In the end it was a fantastic little adventure that ill never forget, not so much because of the concert but due to the fact that I was able to spend some time with my favorite person doing something different and exciting, it will definitely not be the last time we do this and I cant wait for the next one. Right now its Friday 11:30am, two days after that night and I’m typing this while I lay on my bed and listen to some Arctic Monkeys on my stereo and for the millionth time in the last two days I read the little sticker she put on my phone and smile because I know I can believe what it says.

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