domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Anti-pop fest 2010

So I did go out yesterday night and I guess it was ok but I didn’t have as much fun as I could have because I was still feeling a little ill from Friday. We went to this place in Cholula called “Pulque para dos” (I know, it’s the worst name ever). Its probably the second most underground/ghetto place I’ve ever been to, only second to “La Factoria” where I wouldn’t be surprised if 3 people died the night I was there but ill tell you about that some other time. Anyway first we had planed to go to Container City but when we got there it was packed so they suggested we try P.P.D, when we got there it looked like a small place but there were people standing outside and you could here loud rock music being played live so we paid the 25 pesos cover and got stamped like 4 times on the wrists (so now we look like Jews at camp).

Once inside we ran into this other girl who my friend new and boy was she hot (red hair and everything) and to my surprise the place was actually pretty big, I think the theme they were aiming for was post zombie apocalypse wasteland. First of all it was crowded, maybe around 200 people but everyone either had 3 tattoos on their face or was missing an eye or smelled like they hadn’t showered in a month, I’m talking about a real, raw, rock hungry, “look at me the wrong way and ill stab you” kind of crowd (yeah, I was happy).

The building was like a mix between an old bomb shelter and an ancient English sewer, with the old brick walls and everything. The stage was in the middle all the way back against the wall and the bar was in the left corner opposite to the bathrooms, of course like any other good “rat-hole” bar the only thing you order is the one liter “caguama” beer for 20 pesos. There are no tables, just a few broken down couches far away from the stage so that there’s enough space for the mosh-pit and oh yeah, there was a green life size statue of a cow (this is where ill just give up trying to describe the place).

We got there in time to hear half of the last song by a group whose frontman had obviously been practicing throwing the mic and spinning it around by the cord, after they got of stage this other band goes on with a very good looking female singer. The band played well and the drummer was beating the shit out of the kit but you just could hear the girl, the only reason I knew she had begun singing was because I could see her mouth moving and apparently I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t here her because the crowd started booing them halfway through their second song. After about another 3 painfully embarrassing songs they finally stepped of stage to give way to these two sort of crowd pumpers for the main headliners of the night.

They screamed around a bit and held a turbo “caguama” drinking tag team contest. By now it was around 1:00 am and you couldn’t fit another soul inside when all of a sudden “The Stoners” take the stage and everyone went wild. The singer was this fat funny looking dude with a Scottish kilt and black boots on; the drummer looked exactly like the one from Foo Fighters and I don’t remember what the others were like. They had top of the line gear complete with a Fender, an Epiphone, a Pearl drum kit and Marshall amps. They played for about 90 minutes and I was surprised to hear that all of their songs were in English.

Everyone got really fiered up and started jumping around while I was doing my best not to spill my beer; it’s a tricky thing trying to drink out of one of those big glass bottles when they’re all wet while everyone bumps into you and to do it with one hand because only rookies use two. Inevitably this dude came hurling toward me and bumped what was left of my beer on the floor, that’s when I lost it and dove into the mosh-pit to unleash my fury (big-ass mistake) after about just 5 shoves this guy picks me up by the legs and sends me flying, I slam on the ground and everyone was ready to start kicking but I literally bounced back on my feet and got out of there as fast as I could.

After “The Stoners” left, the place emptied out a bit and another group went up, they were a bunch of kids with a lead singer who was way to drunk and/or high and who insisted on talking about his songs as if anyone there gave a crap but when he finally shut up the music was ok. They played their songs and left. It was around 2:30 am now and yet another group was gonna play (by then I had realized that we had accidentally stumbled into the Anti-pop Fest 2010). We just heard the first song and called it a night. Lets see what awaits us this week. Until next time. Stay sexy.

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ferran dijo...

Buenos dias noches!!! hahaha te haces facebook... ME HAGO FACEBOOK, t haces blog, RECUPERO MI CUENTA PARA VER LO TONTO Q ERES Y TU CRONICA CUANDO MUERAS (espero q la cuelgues antes) xDDD

me hizo mucha gracia tu descripcion del local, del chico sin ojo.

Tendrias q haver visto donde fui el sabado passado, a un concierto punky con todas las de la ley, 5 grupos, en una fabrica ocupada, chupitos en el escenario, bonghs en las esquinas, pastillas en las bebidas y coca en los baños. sin olvidarnos del tipico baile de las "ollas", entrar ahi a pegarse puñetazos y patadas con todos.

Tengo una bomba exclusiva para tiiiii!!!