martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Music Monday Vol. 3

God dam it, I did it again. I just couldn’t find time to post music Monday yesterday but it was for a very good reason so it’s ok. Now it’s Tuesday and I’m sick and my nose hurts but we have a very good song today which was requested by a little girl from the audience (who happens to be my co-pilot at RadioRul) and boy did she pick a good song. Its “I am the highway” by American rock band Audioslave. Now I wouldn’t call myself a fan of this band but the few songs I have listened to (mainly the singles) aren’t bad at all and I kind of feel bummed out about having missed their concert when they came to Mexico. The song appears in their eponymous debut studio album released November 19th 2002 and shares the spotlight with other great songs such as “Show me how to live” and “Like a stone”. The album reached #7 on billboards 2002, Top 200 and was produced my music legend Rick Rubin. The group dissolved in 2007 after Chris Cornell (former Soundgarden frontman) issued a statement announcing his departure due to irresolvable personality conflicts. All that we can do now is just sit back and enjoy the three albums they left us and this incredible tune. Until next time. Stay cool.

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