sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Good show at R.P.

Alright kidos what’s up?? Hope you all had a gnarly week. Mine was just plain old normal until Thursday came around the corner. At school I handed in all the paper work I had to do for my scholarship application, I hope I do get it, that way ill have more bar-money heheh. Anyway after my last class I was gonna go home and eat but then I remembered that my roomie somehow managed to fry the microwave and since my culinary skills only go as far as defrosting fish-fingers I made the wise decision to pay a visit to my friends over at Coquitos bar and see if they could fix something up for me. When I got there I bumped into Pau at the door, she was on her way home because she had gotten temporarily suspended for having ditched work the day before to move into her new house. She was nice enough to go back in and accompany me while I ate, Neus was at the bar as usual and they recommended I ordered the lasagna (the image of my moms lasagna popped into my head) so I got that and when I saw it I realized the huge mistake I had made. It was more like a soup with lots of shrimps and other sorts of sea food (im not a fan of sea food) but it was already served so I did the only thing I could do, order a cold beer and suck it up. After that I offered Pau a ride home because it was raining by then (a good thing because I hadn’t washed my car in over two weeks) and then I came home. I was just chilling out here with my music watching Balero and Mike getting all dressed up to gout with Nidia and her friends when Ely called and said “hey bugger-face im on my way to your house, were going out” so I was like “alright!!”, after about ten minutes she arrived with a friend of hers but as usual I cant remember her name haha. We went to RockPub and had some beers and then this really good band began to play, I was surprised at how good they were (yeah I can’t remember their name either) and it was extra impressive because they played their own songs and they even had fireworks going off on stage. They reminded of Franz Ferdinand and the dude that sang even looked like him and moved like him. After that its all a big-ass blur, I just remember that I was attempting to play pool with some girls and then I just woke up on my bed. I hope I didn’t do anything dumb but I still have all my hair and both of my kidneys so I think it all went well. Now I’m off to meet a friend of mine who invited me out because her cousins came to visit her from i.d.c. where. Until next time, stay classy people.

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